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the Kensei/Shuuhei community

Admiration - Kensei/Shuuhei
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The relationship between Muguruma Kensei and Hisagi Shuuhei.

♥ Welcome ♥

Hello and welcome to the Kensei/Shuuhei community! Whether you are a fan of them as lovers, friends, mentor/student, or anything else you can think of, you are welcome to join!

♥ Rules & Guidelines ♥
Please keep all fanfiction, fanart, images, or icons/banners under a LJ cut. However, you may give teasers for icons.

You may post doujinshi or artwork you have found, just properly credit the artist or list the site from which you found it.

Basically, you may post anything as long as it relates to Kensei and/or Shuuhei.

Please clearly label any content that is not work or school safe.

Please no introductory posts; if you are new, you can mention so in your first entry.

Do not claim any other person's work as your own.

Do not flame or harrass other members.

Do not bash other characters/pairings as that is just lame.

While posting fanfiction, please provide the following information:


If posting mature sexual content, clearly label your entry, use the disclaimer, and keep it friends-locked.

COMMUNITY DISCLAIMER: All characters depicted in sexual situations in this post/fanfiction/fanart (including material in the comments) are fictional and are intended to be and considered to be by the author of said material of the legal age of consent in the United States state of California, regardless of what age these characters may be in the material they are derived from. - Copied from bleach_yaoi with permission.

♥ Affiliates ♥
bleach_bdsm - The insanely sexy community modded by the super rad gogo_ergo_sum & gogodgene.

Interested in affiliating with this community? Send a message to airenko343@hotmail.com!